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Electronic meditations  
Having moved away from using computers as software instruments and using recording programs almost as instruments in themselves, I've simplified a lot by only using hardware and only playing what I can play live, no more editing wizardry in Digital Performer and no more software instruments or computer sequencers. Just those changes have caused a significant change in the style of music I do these days. I do these little meditations almost daily now. Some are longer and more involved and some are just short ideas playing around with the sounds I'm working on at the time. 
Here are a few examples. 
Bouncing Ball(pas de deux)a little waltz idea with a gentle rhythm underneath. 
Hex4Meditation9  I used the Blacet Hexzone as a basis for rhythm in this piece. It's responsible for the rhythmic note in the beginning as well as the percussion sounds. There's a lot of swirling filter sweeps and slow attacks and decays. I did 9 takes of this one over a period of a few days. This was the best. 
Native Meditation 5
Powergrids3 I was inspired by my friend Brian's videos of the Montreal Aquaduct and high voltage pylons. Guess what the 3 stands for. 
Barimba-Three Speeds I wrote this for a local dance group at Cincinnati Ballet but it turned out we were going in different directions so it didn't end up being used. It's a live performance but has a set and more controlled structure, unlike the other meditation pieces where spontaneous play is a much more essential element.
Cinci Train
Little clips of a train going by. For the music I used a part
from the live performance from 2005.
Fast Runner  a little video of an electronic improv.
Whitecloud, Kansasphoto Harland J Schuster
 A piece I wrote thinking about this place. I used to drive here on the Kansas side to the Rulo bridge then cross over and come back to St. Joe.                                                           
Those Who Dreamt



cd cover Chuck Rekow 

preview tracks:


Review of cd at Sonic Curiosity


Moving Art Dance: Simulacra

Pictureslive%20shot.jpg  Photos by John Burgess

Listen 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 these can be downloaded andburned to a cd to listen to the whole piece continuosly with no breaks.

I’m very happy with this piece. The music and the “kinetic sculpture” work together like some kind of dream landscape. 


Migration cd
                                             photo  Doug Thomas

studio pieces I did between 2002 and 2006

Turkey Foot
The Main at Night
Ice Cream Truck
George (lyrics: sara hutchinson)(voices:caleigh, natalie, catherine, shamus, monica)
I Love Snow (voice and laughter: caleigh)
Boogie (voice: mollie)
Big Beat
Les Hommes Frohmages (winner 2004 Ohm Force competition)
Whitecloud, Kansas

email me if you’d like to buy a higher quality cd. $10 (paypal or cheque)

Other studio pieces

pieces that didn’t make it on to the cd or anywhere else but which I still like.

Southern Hip Hop I always wanted to try something with banjo that was loose and southern sounding as opposed to what we normally associate with banjo playing.

Theme music imaginary theme music for an art radio show.

The Crossing The is from the last few pages of a Cormac McCarthy book. When I first read it I thought it would go really well with music so I tried it. My voice is not right for the part, though, so if you have a rich voice with a southern accent and would like to do it send me a recording of you reading it and I’ll use it instead of my voice.

Claire de Lune this is a Faure song I thought would sound nice with synth, sort of like Tomita but much simpler.

Yahoo Song    This is one of the first experiments I did when I got Digital Performer up and running. Banjo, Pro-53, Battery, Electric Piano, 8th grade boys yelling, and Jim Gillum doing some yeehaws.

Sci-fi story
This is one of the very first electronic pieces I did. Sounds very organic(insects etc.) contrasted with industrial sounds.  I showed it to my friend Stan and he made up a kind of sci-fi sequence of events to go with it. I'll try and post it.

Maria Wiegenlied   I wanted to see how electronics might blend with classical voice so I set this Christmas song by Max Reger to synth using only the Nova Laptop. Catherine Fishlock is singing.

Cincy Fringe Festival,  Thomas More College,  Cincinnati Art Museum

Thomas More College pictures 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 (student comments)
video art museum   photos and video David Jackson
Listen  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 

I played at three different places in 2006 and used basically the same piece for all three. I'm pretty happy with this one.  (more about the venues and performances)


2005 Kindergarten Planet

cafes and the public library

pictures 1 2 video   photos and video Monica Torgesen

Listen 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 

First time I played electronic music in public...more

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