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Corelli Christmas Concerto 2014 at Annunciation on Epiphany Sunday.
O Jesu Christe by Jachet of Mantua
Easter Sunday 2014

Come and Sing Praise(SM-music, Liette McManaman-words)
Published by Kjos  click this link for details

Alleluia (SM)winner of Cincinnati Camerata 2002 recorded 2005

Holy Week 2011
Vere Languores-Victoria
O Vos Omnes-Jachet of Mantua (great name!)
Adoramus Te-Gasparini
Some random parishioner recordings during Mass from downstairs:
Magnificat-Gibbons  not an easy piece to learn. 
Tantum Ergo-Durufle  I always loved the harmony in this piece. 
O Vos Omnes-Croce
Help Me O Lord-Arne  A lot of people don't like this one but for some reason I love it. It's all in the counterpoint.                                                         
              icons by Liette
Advent 2010
Come Let's Rejoice-Amner
from Voices of St. Gertrude(Youth Choir)

Mother Mary Help Us(SM-music, Liette McManaman-words)
Who is He(SM)
Psalm 47 (rap) 
(SM-music, Bill Stock-words)
Other things from Voices: 

Euge Caeli-Tallis

Ave Maria-Verdonc

Ave Verum-Faure  Mollie Ward and Katie Schneller, talented high school students.

Regina Caeli-Aichinger 

Maria Wiegenlied  One of my favorite Christmas pieces by Max Reger. I did a synth arrangement of it using only the Novation laptop.

from Together We Sing(Youth Choir)
You Are God (SM)  That’s Monica singing and Shamus doing the “rap”. Caleigh is the snooty girl who appears in the middle. Sara Hutchinson wrote the “rap” words when she was a 7th grader.
I’m glad I’m Home Again (SM)  Not exactly church music but what the heck. I had transcribed for banjo(painstakingly) an Irish bagpipe tune called the Gold Ring. I added chords and a vocal melody and Liette and I wrote the words. Dave Fishlock played the percussion. Shamus sang when he was just at the edge of not being a soprano anymore. 
Other songs from the cd:
Confitemini Domino
Lead me On
Pie Jesu Faure's Pie Jesu with Michael Cunningham singing.
Coram Deo
Jubilate Sing out a New Song
Lord Lead Us
Brighten My Soul

Other choir recordings:

From Advent Concert 08

Dominican chant.mp3
I wanted this piece in the Advent concert even though it is not strictly an Advent piece, although it is Marian. It's very clearly in the mixo-lydian mode which gives it a kind of folky sound. I added the cello part, which was mostly harmonics, to give it a bit more harmony, but not too much because keeping it sparse was important.

I really wanted this to go on Voices of St. Gertrude but there were too many little things wrong with it.
Wachet Auf(Bach) 1st movement
Two pieces we did at Christmas for two violins, flute, harpsichord, and two cellos.
                                                                 Other chamber music
String Trio 
Tartini: 1 2 3 4
Three Men and a Harpsichord
1 2 3
St. Pat's Choir loft(Montreal)
Church Documents on Liturgical Music
the place of chant....

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