folk music          painting by steve McManaman In the early 80’s my friend Doug and I, in an act of economic desperation, ventured on to the streets of Montreal with our instruments, I played banjo and Doug played guitar and sang, and we ended up making a decent living, well, at least it was high living for a student. At the end of a several-year run we recorded some of it for posterity. I got some other musicians I knew to record with us to spice it up a bit. You can download MP3’s or email me to buy a cd for higher quality. I wrote a small book about our adventures. It's a mixture of humour and philosophy. People have found it enlightening to get inside the head of a musician. I might put up a chapter sometime in the future.  And if you really want a copy email me, but it'll be expensive, although it is a nice looking book and even has a map inside.

My Love is But a Lassie Yet
Trisha's Jig
McGowen’s Jig/Athol Highlanders
Ogu’s Grave
Jack McCann
 Doug McManaman
Lark in the Morning
Dogs Among the Bushes

other things

I’m Glad I’m Home Again

Southern Hip Hop
Yehaw Song

Square Victoria entrance(gift from Paris)

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